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certified image consultant in Eastern South Dakota!

Welcome! My name is Miriam Iverson. I am an Image Consultant and Style Coach, offering personal styling for real people! We have all heard about Hollywood stylists but hey, how many of us walk red carpets regularly?! Whether you do or don’t, you do get dressed every day. Do you find joy in that process or is it just frustrating and you eventually just settle for what “will do”? And when it comes to shopping, is it overwhelming and frustrating? And again, do you just end up settling?

I am here to help! I can teach you how to find the clothing that looks the very best on you. It really does come down to learning what factors make up the equation! But each person has a unique combination. I can help you unlock your combination! You will discover which colors, fits, and styles look best on you. And help you to authentically express who you are!

My passion is to help men and women discover their value and unique beauty and how to authentically communicate it in the way they dress. Does it seem a bit bizarre to think that that one can actually communicate through style and dress?! Numerous studies prove the way we present ourselves has a huge impact on whether others listen to us, feel we have something in common, are skilled, intelligent or offer us a job!  What you wear and how you wear it shares who you are and what you think about yourself.
You have value and purpose. Believe it and live it. And let your true self-shine!

With grace and joy,


My Expertise At A Glance

Certified Image Consultant

I am a Certified Image Consultant, trained by Shari Braendel of Fashion Meets Faith.  Shari Braendel is founder of FMF, renown author and speaker and the country’s #1 Christian Image Consultant.


Expert at Body Types

BOD-X is a program developed to help identify your body challenges and how to dress them. Discover the tricks that actually work!


Color Identifier

Discover your best colors! I have been trained to identify the colors that bring you to life. You may be surprised to discover the power of color!

Christian Image Consultants Logo-w

Christian Image Consultant

I am part of a collective group of 180 Christian Image Consultants around the world. Continuing education, support and encouragement is offered to the CIC’s through FMF.


Capsule Wardrobe Expert

Control the clothing chaos in your closet! 27 Hangers is a signature course developed by FMF. I can help you design your own Capsule Wardrobe, editing your closet down to 27 pieces that coordinate. Calm the morning madness, and replace it with efficiency, joy and style! And have time for that second cup of coffee!