You stand in front of your closet hoping something will just leap out at you. When inspiration fails, you begin pulling out random pieces, trying things on. Before you know it, it is almost time to be out the door, there is a humungous, disorganized pile of clothes on your bed and you are still standing there in your underwear. Sound familiar?!

Hi! I am Miriam Iverson, Image Consultant and Personal Style Coach. I can help you discover what really works for you. So the purchases you make don’t just hang in your closet (or pile up on your bed!) but are wise investments that you actually find joy in wearing! And to help you work your closet so it isn’t a daily frustration, wasting your time and energy.


If you choose to be a client, your first step would be to schedule a Style Analysis. Think of it as a fun, interactive class where you will be given the tools to dress in a way that honors you. We identify your body type, frame size, your best colors, and your style personality. It is a customized, personalized process, available for both men and women. Presently, I offer it in person only but I plan to offer this service soon through live video (Facebook or Zoom). If interested in that option, shoot me an email at and I will let you know when it is available.

I have been asked to explain how a Style Analysis “goes down”. What does it look like? Here is a glimpse into the process in case you are interested but feeling a tiny bit nervous…! Clients tell me they appreciate how comfortable I make them feel. (I love to hear that! Read reviews clients have written on this site as well as on my Facebook page, @Styled by Miriam.)

Here is my color code drape. See how it lights up my face!

Here is what a Style Analysis looks like:
Intro: You are warmly welcomed. We get acquainted.

Color Codes:
I teach you about the 6 Color Codes. These are families of colors based upon one’s dominant color characteristics: skin tone, eye color, and hair color. You are then draped with my custom-made capes to identify your own best colors. You will see for yourself the powerful impact color can have on you! You will learn how to apply your Color Code to clothing, makeup and accessories.

You will learn how to dress and accessorize for your body shape and frame size, even which hemlines are most complimentary for your body. Many women hide behind their clothing instead of letting it work for them. I will teach you many tips and tricks to accentuate your beauty.

Style Personality:
You will discover you have a style of your own! This is key to discovering what truly suits you. Often the reason clothes are left hanging in your closet is because they are simply not your style. Learn how to identify characteristics of your style and where to shop for it.

How long is a Style Analysis? It is best to plan on a 2-hour appointment. You will have an opportunity to purchase actual fabric swatches of your Color Code should you desire. They are an extremely helpful tool to take with you when you review your closet and when you shop.


I offer a number of additional services which build upon the information gleaned in the Style Analysis. A Closet Edit is often the most helpful next step. You can do this on your own or hire me to lead you in it. The goal of a Closet Edit is to create a workable, beautiful, wardrobe that complements you, bringing out your beauty instead of your frustration! We eliminate all the pieces that are not your color code, fit or style. We identify which clothing items are in your color code, are currently in style, and which work together.

Perhaps you aren’t sure how to put outfits together. You didn’t inherit any of the coordinating/ accessorizing gene! Let me show you how to shop your closet, putting together complete outfits that look amazing on you with a Wardrobe Edit! If an actual shopping list needs to be compiled, I can help you know what to look for or help you shop for it. Again, the Style Analysis is important to have done prior to this as it identifies all the criteria we are drawing upon: your color code, fit, and your style personality!

Sometimes one is completely overwhelmed when it comes to shopping. If that is you, I suggest hiring me as a Shopping Coach. Seeing how to apply the information gleaned in the Style Analysis may seem like a lot to remember! In a shopping excursion, you will have an opportunity to practice what you have learned and see how all the information comes together in outfits that bring out your very best! Suddenly it is overwhelming no longer and you have the knowledge and confidence to put together a look that is truly yours! Some clients will hire a shopping coach for a special occasion. Others will hire a coach once or twice a year to update their wardrobe.

One more service I offer is the 27 Hanger Program. Have you heard of a Capsule Wardrobe? It is a big buzz word now but the concept can be linked to a London boutique back in the 1970’s. Our program teaches how to curate your closet down to 27 hangers. Yes, that is only 27 pieces of clothing! The pieces coordinate, decision making is radically simplified and one’s closet “real estate” is expanded! There are many reasons to practice a capsule wardrobe including a tight budget, limited space, as well as environmental and ethical reasons due to fast fashion. If that sounds like something that appeals to you, let me know!

Fashion Meets Faith, the company under which I trained, is constantly adding advanced training and thus, the services offered will no doubt continue to expand. Check my services page for updates!

Blessings to all!

With grace and joy,

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